Back by popular demand: Surly Furious returning to Sun Country flights


Surly says its reunion with Sun Country Airlines is like how Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are getting back together, thus stealing the only analogy we had. Sun Country Airlines

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

And if said squeaky wheel is of age, and of a certain predeliction, said "grease" will come in the form of craft beer -- cold, canned, and on demand.

On Thursday,  City Pages learned Surly Furious would make a comeback on Sun Country Airlines flights in the coming months. Spokeswoman Kelsey Dodson-Smith says the airline "definitely agreed with the feedback of the community," which had said, in effect: Hey -- hey, what the hell man? Where's the Surly? 

Dodson-Smith says the return of Surly -- or at least its best-known offering -- was "something [Sun Country] had been working on" already. Since removing the local craft brewer from its beer list earlier this year, the locally based airline had sold only Budweiser and Michelob Golden Light. (Plus wine and sparkling wine!) 

Furious is scheduled to return by April 1 for first-class travelers, and on May 1 for coach passengers. 

Reached Thursday, Surly expressed its reaction to the resurrection in the following terms:

The response from the internet, and City Pages reader Liz Scholz in particular, really made it seem like we were destined to reunite. Like Gomez and Bieber, or Ozzy and Black Sabbath. All joking aside, we’re looking forward to being back on our local airline and hope customers, particularly Liz, are excited too.

(Note: If you, another "City Pages reader," would like the chance to see your name appear in the same paragraph as Selena Gomez and Ozzy Osbourne, email us tips/complaints/hopes/fears/celeb height rumors/enemies lists/non-celeb height rumors/crockpot recipes at

So how does Liz Scholz, the bereaved Surly drinker and Sun Country flier, feel about this development? As of Thursday, she's "torn." Bringing Surly Furious back is a "good way to show" Sun Country's listening to customers, but she wishes the airline had "approached this square-on in the first place, and not waited for the people to take to City Pages/Twitter, etc. to remedy it."

Will Scholz fly Sun Country again, if only for the promise of strong, locally made, decently priced beer? She seems uncertain: Sun Country (purchased in December by a New York-based Apollo Global Management) has imposed new baggage fees ($20 for a checked bag, $40 for a carry-on you don't warn them about).

"I look forward to seeing how they come back from it all," says Scholz, who summed up her feelings about the whole situation with a self-made meme. (Again, readers: Hit us up with your memes.)


Liz Scholz


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