Houston-to-Minneapolis flight lands in Rochester, passenger loses it [VIDEO]

After her flight landed in Rochester, Minnesota, instead of Minneapolis, this woman became ... somewhat upset.

After her flight landed in Rochester, Minnesota, instead of Minneapolis, this woman became ... somewhat upset. Facebook

"Get me the fuck off this goddamn fucking plane!" 

These are words no airline wants to hear from a passenger. Least of all when they are captured on video, which is (wait for it) posted online and (as if you didn't already know) goes wildly viral overnight. Such is the case with a short clip uploaded to Facebook yesterday, which the uploader describes as a "irate passenger on my flight." 

Said passenger's tirade does not fall short of that description. If anything, "irate" isn't a strong enough word for what's happening here.

A Spirit Airlines flight that took off from Houston Monday morning was destined for Minneapolis. During the journey, one passenger suffered a "medical emergency," according to a Spirit spokesman, and the flight was rerouted to Rochester for an emergency landing. 

With the Mayo Clinic and its tens of thousands of world-class medical professionals, it's hard to think of a better city in America than Rochester for a person with a medical issue to land. The woman in this video seems less than pleased with her situation.

As a fellow passenger stands up, in an apparent attempt to calm her down, she screams into his face: "You know who my brothers are?" 

He does not.

"They're fuckin' Marine snipers! You wanna fuck with a fuckin' Marine?"

She then breaks past that man and toward the front of the plane, repeatedly shouting "Get me the fuck out of here!" as passengers stare on, most of them in stunned silence.

Eventually the woman walks toward the back of the plane, and that's where the video clip ends; since yesterday, it's been seen close to 800,000 times.

Irate passenger on my flight Spirit Airlines while making an emergency landing for a passenger with a medical issue!

Posted by Chianti Washington on Monday, June 25, 2018

Here's how Spirit's spokesman explained the situation: 

On the ground in Rochester, another passenger became erratic and irate and was removed from the aircraft with the assistance of law enforcement. We apologize to our Guests who had to witness this and for the inconvenience of the delay. Safety is our top priority at Spirit Airlines.

Usually, that probably means keeping planes up-to-date, and pilots well-trained and rested. On Monday, for a few minutes at least, it was another passenger posing the biggest threat. Her and her "fucking' Marine sniper" brothers.