Brutal Minneapolis ICE arrest latest evidence we should abolish ICE

This south Minneapolis ICE arrest was frightening, traumatizing, unnecessary, and undoubtedly costly, but at least it separates a father from his family.

This south Minneapolis ICE arrest was frightening, traumatizing, unnecessary, and undoubtedly costly, but at least it separates a father from his family. MIRAC/Facebook

As summer reminds us all, ice is essential.

ICE, on the other hand... let's put it this way: We made it 225 years as a country without it, and at the time it was established in 2002, were about as safe from foreign-born threats as any civilization this side of Martians. 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has cost U.S. taxpayers $324 billion since its inception, so let's assume no one's even reading anymore because reading that number inspired you to throw your phone into the nearest body of water.

Or an ICE agent's face. Aim for one of the ones involved in sexual assaults or the concentration camps they're running. 

Monday morning brought a report of another reason to take thoughts of getting rid of this cruel and testosterone-laden teenage agency. According to a Facebook post from the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee, ICE agents surrounded Yobany Castro-Romero, a 38-year-old.

WCCO reports Castro-Romero was once convicted of attempting to solicit a sex worker, and subsequently deported.

Dude must really like it in America, though, because he snuck back in a second time. His punishment for loving life here, and for refusing to get out of his car when ICE guys swarmed it?

From MIRAC's Facebook post:

ICE officers then proceeded to bust out the back window of his car to reach in, unlock the doors and drag this man to the ground.

Castro-Romero was taken into custody and is described as an "immigration fugitive" by an ICE spokesman who talked to KARE 11. That means his most recent and serious crime is... being here.

Did you even know that he was? Maybe if you were friends or family, or whoever he worked with or for, or one of his neighbors around 42nd and Portland. The rest of us floated on not even knowing Yobany Castro-Romero was around.

One of those neighbors witnessed the arrest and was deeply upset by the event. MIRAC quotes the man repeatedly saying "So this is really happening," likely a reference to everyone humane person's suspicion we might be turning into a fascist state run by an insecure nitwit hellbent on racial purity. Hell, it's happened before.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey says neither he nor the Minneapolis Police Department knew this was coming, and learned of it on Facebook. In his statement, Frey restated his and police chief Medaria Arradondo's "commitment to standing with our immigrant communities," and said city cops would not be helping on immigration raids or busts. 

One person on the scene saw of Castro-Romero's arrest saw fit to challenge ICE agents, asking to see a warrant. This resulted in a predictably measured response:

An observer was across the street, yelling over two lanes of traffic, telling ICE that she wanted to see the warrant. The ICE officer moved his hand over his holster and told her not to dare to cross the street or move any closer to them. At one point the [Castro-Romero] told the ICE officers to please give his car keys to the observer and ICE told her that if she wanted to see any paperwork to meet them at their “office”.

That's bad. This is worse.

You can see how all the glass fell into the car filling his child’s car seat. He left his work bag in the front seat and his coffee mug in the holder still steaming with hot coffee.

So now you know at least one of the reasons Yobany sneaked back into the country after making the mistake of seeking a sex worker in a country that hates sex: He's got one or more kids here, and knew he couldn't be a decent dad 2,000 miles away, which is likely where he's headed yet again.

Wish his family the best of luck in his absence.

Read MIRAC's full Facebook post below: