'Simpsons' conspiracies, space nature, and more ‘Old Town Road’ in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

NFG Mayhem: Did someone say fuckin' yee?

NFG Mayhem: Did someone say fuckin' yee? YouTube

On to year 41. 

This past Friday, City Pages celebrated four decades as the Twin Cities alt-weekly of record with a party at First Ave. If you attended, I hope you had a good time. If you’ve read or shared any one of our stories in the past 40 years, thank you for helping us get to that point.

Anniversaries are nice. It’s fun to take a moment, look back, and appreciate the legacy that you’ve left. But it doesn’t mean we can stop completely. The paper is being held more accountable than ever, and we have a greater duty that we ever have to continue to tell the stories of these Cities.

Bona Phide – “Winning” (PREMIERE)

“The country is broke?!” It’s with those prophetic words that President Lisa Simpson kicks off the video for Bona Phide’s new video for “Winning.” On the song, the gruff rapper and video director Code Otte explore the ways in which pop culture and reality intersect and influence each other. It’s darker than it sounds, and for every happy Simpsons memory, there’s a baked-in conspiracy about the show’s uncanny predictions of the current American political maelstrom.

Dichotomy – “Space Bound”

Dichotomy don’t want you to take the natural world for granted. At any moment, the oceans could boil. The mountains could explode into a cloud of color. The trees could twist into otherworldly shapes. That’s exactly what happens in the surreal new video for “Space Bound,” the latest single off the Minneapolis rock band’s 2018 record Plastic Jungle. Brian Kelly and Alex Kauffman direct the journey to another planet, inverting the landscape into a nightmarish vision of what could be.

OKnice – “Callous”

St. Paul rapper OKnice dropped his new EP Callous early this month. The four-song collaboration with producer Deergod offers a stark and tersely worded look into the rapper’s struggle to succeed on his words alone. However, the title track resets the balance, showing us a restored OKnice who knows that happiness might be attainable if he continues to refine his skill. The video is directed by Kevin Vogel of Aim North Photography.

Sickdapunchliner – “I Miss You”

Sickdapunchliner is here to confess. The hard-edged St. Paul rapper’s gangster lifestyle has caused a lot of wreckage, and now he’s left to reckon with the consequences on new single “I Miss You.” The self-directed music video deals with Sick’s anguish over being distanced from his young daughter and her mother. There’s a veiled rundown of the mistakes that led to his loss of custody, the specifics of which he doesn’t quite unearth in the song’s lyrics, but the ache is evident in the pained repetition of “I feel so empty.”

NFG Mayhem – “Hotel Room” (Old Town Road Remix)

The staff at City Pages has been rightly obsessed with Atlanta rapper Lil Nas X lately, and any addition to the legend of his absurd, wonderful, world-breaking song “Old Town Road” is eagerly welcomed. NFG Mayhem must’ve sensed our fixation, because his new song “Hotel Room” is the local take on “Old Town Road” that the Twin Cities has been waiting for. Dressed up in a Gucci cowboy hat, NFG twists the TikTok juggernaut into “Hotel Room,” a harshly rapped porno fantasy involving, you guessed it, your girlfriend. If that’s not dirty enough for you, might we suggest CupcakKe’s raunchy-as-YouTube-will-permit remix “Old Town Hoe”?

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