Picked to Click 2020: Iceblink is the Twin Cities music scene's best new artist

Emily Utne

Emily Utne

In uncertain times, experts say, it’s important to stick to a routine.

Establish regular sleep patterns. Eat meals at the same time each day. Do whatever it takes to give your otherwise out-of-control life some reasonable semblance of structure.

Well, the staff of City Pages hasn’t quite followed those guidelines over the past year. We might seem cool and composed on the outside, but we’re a mess. We sleep and eat too much or too little. We’re sometimes anxious and sometimes depressed and never neither.

But still, we’re determined to keep to some sort of routine. That’s why, even as live music has been put on pause and bands haven’t spent as much time together, we still did what we've done every fall for 30 years: We polled our roster of writers, musicians, fans, and assorted music industry professionals to find out who the best new artists to emerge in 2020 were.

Fewer voters responded to this year’s call, as we expected, but those who did selected, as always, a worthy Picked to Click lineup. And our winner, Iceblink, a solo electronic project, provided music as soothing and dense as anyone stuck at home this year could ask for.

Now we’re going to work on remembering to eat breakfast every morning.

1. Iceblink (32 pts.)
2. Muun Bato (30 pts.)
3. Harper's Jar (27 pts.)
4. Turn Turn Turn (26 pts.)
5. bugsy (21 pts.)
6. Double Grave (20 pts.)
7. Monica LaPlante (19 pts.)
8. Split Fountain (18 pts.)
9. niiice. (17 pts.)
10. Taylor Seaberg (16 pts.)

 You can check out the individual ballots here.