Liam Gallagher drags Har Mar Superstar into never-ending Oasis bro feud

What rhymes with 'Liam Gallagher'?

What rhymes with 'Liam Gallagher'? RANKIN

First things first: Har Mar Superstar is not on the new album from Noel Gallagher’s High-Flying Birds.

Neither is spoon-bending Johnny Carson fave Uri Geller, though a tweet from Gallagher’s brother (and former Oasis bandmate) Liam might have you scratching your puzzled American head as to what the cartoonishly rivalrous eyebrow farmer is on about.

After the tracklist for the High-Flying Birds' new album Who Built The Moon? leaked yesterday, along with other details about the album, Liam tweeted thus:

Turns out the punctuation-averse Liam was just employing a bit of rhyming slang -- a curious British custom like taking a gap year before attending university or pretending Robbie Williams is famous.

Here’s a key for us Yanks, from the NME: Har Mar Superstar = Johnny Marr; Uri Geller = Paul Weller.

A Gallagher diss is truly one of the great backhanded honors, the social media age equivalent of having Bonnie and Clyde hold up your bank, and our oft-unclothed local soul man accepted it as such on Twitter, while suggesting that the tweet had given him some creative ideas.

City Pages remains decidedly neutral in the Gallagher rivalry, but I will point out that Liam is coming to First Ave on Nov. 20 and Noel’s tour isn’t passing through here at all.

Anyway, on behalf of City Pages and its advertisers, thanks for the #LocalAngle, Liam!

And Noel, in the future please consider selecting collaborators whose names rhyme with Slug, Doomtree, Prince, and the Replacements.