Magnificent Desolation L-R: 'Moon,' 'Barbarella,' 'Alien'


Magnificent Desolation

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Fifty years after Apollo 11 touched down on its surface, the moon remains a source of endless fascination, embodying not just our aspirations for discovery, but also our fears of what dangers could lurk in the infinite expanse of space. These impressions are just two of the many lunar depictions drawn by the Trylon Cinema’s summer-long series Magnificent Desolation. From an early science-fiction effort from the Soviet Union (Aelita: Queen of Mars, 1924) to a more contemporary tale of astronomical madness (Moon, 2009), the 25 films in this sweeping series forge a varied profile of the celestial subject. Selections have been categorized into five themes: space adventure, space opera, space revolt, space madness, and space horror. Moviegoers can explore a veritable galaxy of genres, including documentary (For All Mankind, 1989), horror (Alien, 1979), camp classics (Barbarella, 1968), cerebral thrillers (Solaris, 1971), and a Queen-scored actioner (Flash Gordon, 1980). Befitting its vaulted reputation, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) will be honored with a special screening at the Heights on a 70mm print created in 2018. Find tickets and showtimes at