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Tim Harmston

Daily from Feb. 19-23
8 p.m.
Daily from Feb. 22-23
10:30 p.m.

Onstage, Tim Harmston covers relationships, current events, and political humor. But it’s when sports comes up in his act that he glows a bit. “I was doing a show in Chicago and my family was there,” says Harmston. “One of them said, ‘You’re happiest onstage when you’re talking about sports and doing your sports jokes.’” The Wisconsin native, who started his standup in the Twin Cities, is indeed a genuine sports fan. That includes football (Green Bay Packers) and hockey (Minnesota Wild). “If the Twins or Brewers are in contention, I’ll also follow baseball,” he says. “But I don’t go to spring training or anything.” He may be ready for some baseball sooner than that, though. “This past Super Bowl left me thinking, ‘Yeah, I’m good with football for a while.’ It was such a bad game and a bad halftime show. Usually, I’m jonesing for football immediately after the Super Bowl, but this year I’m thinking I could use a break.” 18+.