"From Frame to Film" at MCAD. Emma De Swaef, Marc James Roels: 'Oh Willy...'


From Frame to Film: Contemporary International Animation

Daily from Jan. 16-March 4
Time Varies
Art, Film, Galleries

For “Frame to Film,” Tom Schroeder, a media arts professor at MCAD, has curated a lively collection of animated films from international filmmakers that reach far beyond—in approach, aesthetic, and subject matter—what’s celebrated by glossy Hollywood awards shows. Hailing from Slovenia, Australia, Belgium, and Denmark, as well as Canada and the U.S., these innovative films utilize multi-camera techniques, materials like textiles and painted cut-outs, and more traditional methods to investigate diversity and intolerance, reality and absurdity, myth and magic. Also, the same evening, the exhibition “Stream Capture” looks at how our concepts of landscape and nature have been altered by digital technologies.