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Red Nails

Sometimes it can be awfully hard to justify the $55 to $110 most Twin Cities salons charge for painting little piggies. Enter Red Nail salon, where pedicures cost $30 but include all the services of glitzier spas that bill three times the price. Sure, Dr. Phil may be droning in the background and the aroma of acetone may fill the air, but the "on" button in the massage chair seems to magically make the fluorescent green and orange walls seem, well, almost soothing. The spa pedicure begins when you place your feet on lovely stones in a whirling blue pool of water. A stylist files your nails down to pleasing proportions and then uses various utensils (including one tiny whirring device—don't be alarmed) to carefully push back and remove excess cuticle. With the nail bed clean, the stylist spreads foaming soap over a bright-orange scrub sponge and exfoliates your feet pads. Next comes a careful polishing, followed by a de-stressing oil massage of your feet and legs. The pedicure ends with a hot paraffin wax, for no extra cost. The stylist dips your feet into an amber-colored pool of wax until it is encased in what looks like a silicon bootie. When she cracks it open and peels it off, your feet are as smooth as baby skin. Now that's $30 well spent. If you're looking for extra pampering, try the ice-mask pedicure for $48.

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