The U of M is selling 125+ abandoned bikes for cheap this Saturday

That's a whole lotta bikes, baby!

That's a whole lotta bikes, baby! Hennepin County

Bikes are way better than cars. They're a blast to ride, good for the environment, and you can operate 'em with a cool buzz on. 

With that established, and with 100 percent of readership in agreement, let's shift our focus to the University of Minnesota's ReUse Program Warehouse (883 29th Av. SE., Minneapolis). Beginning at 10 a.m. this Saturday, that's where 125-plus bikes will go for up sale starting as low as $50. The U partnered with bike shop Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles to rehab the bikes, so they'll all be ready to ride; Mr. Michael himself will be hanging around Saturday to make adjustments and offer pointers.

Past abandoned bike sales have drawn hundreds, organizers note, and the line usually starts snaking by 9 a.m. Once the sale begins, potential buyers will be let in the warehouse five at a time every couple minutes until every bike has a new home. 

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Minneapolis, an annual top contender in Bicycling magazine's best bike city rankings, placed at No. 4 last year.