The only Minneapolis skyway map you need


Trying to get around in the Minneapolis skyway? Trying to get AWAY from the Minneapolis skyway? This map will help you. Brandon Hundt

 Say you're new in town, maybe here for some sort of conference or, who knows, some kind of football event.

Or maybe you've lived here 20 years, worked downtown for 10, and still can't navigate the skyway's latticework of walking paths without occasionally stopping and wondering if you've passed that Carbiou-next-to-a-bank before... or if every Caribou-next-to-a-bank just looks the same.

Relax, we've got you covered. We bring you the only Minneapolis skyway map you need, courtesy of Brandon Hundt, a local design/user experience professional and writer, who in early 2017 explored the city's "love/hate relationship" with its skyway system.

Hundt's write-up focused on the skyways' signage, which is not only difficult to follow, but outdated. (A photo recently floated online showing an arrow that indicated the direction one would turn to get to the Metrodome.) 

But Hundt also fashioned his own user's map, having determined the city's official version "almost impossible to follow." He acknowledged that's probably because a literally interpreted, geographically accurate rendering of a skyway is not easily done.

His map sheds these strictures and focuses on three key factors: current location, route, and destination. 

Hundt's map is color-coded, with each color indicating a given "route" from one destination to another, which could allow a walker to imagine themselves taking the "orange line" from the downtown Hilton, then turning onto the "blue line," toward U.S. Bank Stadium. We're sad to report the city of Minneapolis has yet to redo the signage to reflect this color scheme; apparently City Pages has no pull in this town. 

Still, the map is an elegantly simple solution to a messy problem, which, much as some might wish it, is not going away any time soon. Certainly not by Monday. 

Click here to view a large PDF version of Hundt's map. Let it guide you to what you seek, and away from what you seek to avoid.

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